Uniform CPA Exam

Taking the Uniform CPA Examination

Follow these five steps to take the CPA Exam in Maine and be well on your way to a successful career as a CPA!

1. Apply to take the examination

2. Receive your Notice to Schedule (NTS)

  • Sent after it's determined you are eligible to take one or more sections of the exam and have paid all fees
  • Lists the sections of the exam you are approved to take

3. Schedule your examination

  • Schedule your exam early with Prometric in one of two ways: online, or by calling 1.800.580.9648
  • The exam is offered in "testing windows," which are the first two months of each calendar quarter
  • Choose your testing center

4. Take your examination

  • Arrive early and bring all required documents with you
  • Pass the computerized examination on the following subjects:
    • Auditing & Attestation (AUD)
    • Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR)
    • Regulation (REG)
    • Business Environment & Concepts (BEC)

5. Receive your score report

  • Distribution of scores is the responsibility of the Maine Board of Accountancy
  • For information about scoring, read ”Uniform CPA Examination FAQs

Pass Go – Get Your CPA Certificate

What Does it Take to Pass the CPA Exam?
  • Scores are reported on a numeric scale of 0-99, with 75 as a passing score (this does not represent a percent correct)
  • With the exception of written communication responses, the exam will be scored electronically
  • A candidate shall be deemed to have completed the examination when granted credit for all four subjects. Candidates will be able to take any or all sections of the examination during any testing window in any order. However, you will not be allowed to take the same section more than once during any testing window.

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