Key Persons

What is the MECPA Key Person Program?

Our Key Person program promotes positive change in government by encouraging and equipping CPAs and others to take an active role in political and governmental activities. Through the Key Person program, our members project a unified voice on behalf of the profession, connecting with legislators that have jurisdiction over bills that affect the profession.

Who is a Key Person?

Key Persons are MECPA members who recognize that individuals can make a difference in the legislative process on behalf of the profession, their clients, their employers and the public.

What does a Key Person do?

Key Persons use their relationships to educate legislators about issues important to the profession. Contacts are made through face-to-face meetings, letters and emails, and by phone. More specifically, as a Key Person you would:

  • Represent the profession to one or more of your state or federal legislators.
  • Maintain regular contact to build a personal, two-way relationship based on mutual trust and respect.
  • Know your legislator's political background, issue priorities and committee assignments.
  • Be prepared to respond to our Call to Action program. (You may receive an urgent phone call or email requesting that you contact your legislator immediately and request their assistance.)
  • Be available to assist your legislator in any way on accounting issues of interest to them.
  • Reinforce the constituent relationship with your legislator by regularly communicating professional and nonprofessional issues that may be of interest to him or her and their staff.
  • Keep current on state/federal legislative issues and the MECPA’s position. The MECPA provides resources to help you.
  • Build community understanding and support for the profession and its position on the issues.

Resources for Key Persons

The MECPA provides talking points about issues facing the profession to help Key Persons communicate what the issues are and convey the MECPA's viewpoints. Talking points are listed in conjunction with the bills we track.

Four Reasons Why Key Persons Programs Are So Important

  1. Legislators want to learn how issues and ideas affect their constituents.

  2. Because of your experience and expertise, MECPA Key persons become an important resource for office holders on tax, accounting and business related issues.

  3. A key person relationship with a legislator could make a pivotal difference on the success of a bill.

  4. Key Persons are the backbone of the MECPA’s government affairs program.

Want to be a Key Person?

If you have a relationship with a legislator, or are willing to establish one, you are qualified to become a Key Person.

But …. You don’t personally know a lawmaker? Don’t let that stop you. Party affiliation should not be an obstacle. Your legislator represents an entire district. You, as a constituent, need not be a member of your legislator’s political party to establish a relationship.

Become a Key Person

To volunteer as a Key Person or for more information, contact Patricia Brigham, MSCPA Executive Director, by email or phone (207) 761-0925.

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