Ethics and Trust: Become a Trustworthy Leader


Of all the fundamentals of positive, effective leadership, TRUST ranks at the top. People will do nearly anything for a leader they trust and will resist or sabotage a leader they consider untrustworthy. Many business leaders simply assume they are trusted when they actually are not, or think that their authority and power can take the place of trust, or sincerely believe that people should conduct business on a "trust no one" basis. To the contrary, research shows that infusing authentic trust throughout an organization's culture has enormous payback potential in all aspects of doing business. However, how do we gain and lose real trust? This session addresses the most important concepts and tips for building and maintaining trust and integrity in business culture and practices.

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  • This program uses a combination of current real-world business stories and findings from a series of social scientists' recent studies to explore and explain the meaning of trustworthiness.
  • These stories span sectors as diverse as middle school education versus commodities trading to highlight our society's current dangerously low emphasis on trustworthy leadership.
  • The quoted studies focus on the most fundamental, unchanging biochemical and behavioral roots of human attitudes about trust.
  • In closing, the program presents and briefly discusses thirteen rules for trustworthy behavior from Stephen M.R. Covey, a rising star in today's leadership coaching firmament and son of acclaimed organizational and personal behavior guru Steven R. Covey


Understand why trusted leaders are not necessarily trustworthy leaders; Reflect on the competitive advantage trustworthy leaders provide; Review 13 building blocks for trust.







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Standard Fee: $79.00

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