.     SECURE ACT/CREATIVE RETIREMENT PLANS FOR SMALL BUSINESSES (VIDEOCONFERENCE) led by Lawrence Starr, FLMI, CLU, CEBS, ChFC, CPC, EA, ATA, QPFC, MBA, an author of the AICPA text The CPA’s Guide to Retirement Plans for Small Businesses and frequent national lecturer and author of many professional journal articles.  Come join us in the morning for a romp through the most extensive retirement plan legislation since the Pension Protection Act of 2006.  Yes, there are lots of good things, some bad things, and even a very bad thing or two (the Ugly!) that can wreak havoc with your client’s prior planning.  We’ll cover all the salient details and spend some significant time talking about what you can do to help your client’s with all the aspects, including some software tools that have become available to help do the tax planning for distribution which is now going to be much a more complicated scenario (and one that you might be able to make a new revenue source out of).  We’ll also cover the “good things”, some of which are SO GOOD it’s hard to believe we finally got them.  In the afternoon this is not your same old basic retirement plans course, this is a selected review and discussion of topics in creative plan design for your clients; how you can differentiate yourselves from the usual stuff that is out there.  We’re going to show the creative things that benefit your clients that you did not think you could do (but are completely acceptable if you know how). We are going to destroy some of the prevailing myths that are out there that artificially restrict what you think you can do for your clients.  This is the true (and often misquoted) “thinking outside the nine dots”.  Come and prepare to be challenged in what you think you already know that just is not so! 


    • Detailed explanation of Social Security’s retirement, survivor, and disability programs
      • Process for computing benefits
        • Benefit collection schedules & time horizons
          • Impact of work in retirement & the components of Medicare
            • Strategies for maximizing’s one’s Social Security benefits, and much more...


          Provide financial advisors with an in depth understanding of Social Security Administration programs in order make informed retirement planning decisions and maximize benefit eligibility.


          Basic understanding of retirement planning.






          Standard Fee: $195.00


          Standard Fee: $195.00

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          August 27, 2020 12:30pm


          August 27, 2020 4:30pm

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          Accountants and financial advisors; HR Benefits management personnel.


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