Double Header: Success in the Virtual & Diverse Business World-Aug 12 & 19



FIRST UP: AUGUST 12: Many of the challenges affecting our businesses right now will likely be discussed and addressed via Zoom, it's incredibly important to know how to make the most of such meetings. In this engaging session (on ZOOM!) N.C. lawyer and award-winning author Jay Reeves will cover the essentials of presenting yourself well online but also move beyond the surface to offer “strategies for success in a time of stress.” To make this hour-long program as comfortable as possible, Reeves invites participants to break a cardinal rule of online etiquette: Bring your lunch and actually eat it!

SECOND SESSION: AUGUST 19: People operations & culture... talent acquisition and retention... big challenges which can make or break a company. Join us for this extremely timely, engaging and thought-provoking session about creating work cultures that drive better business outcomes, and personal and professional success for individuals. Focused on diversity, equity & inclusion issues unique to the accounting profession and socioeconomic and demographic conditions in Maine. Delivered as an interactive Zoom session.



  • The Art of Communication in a Virtual World
  • ZOOM etiquette
  • Effective presentations via ZOOM and videoconferencing
  • 3 Magical Incantations that will draw new business like a magnet
  • Client Care & Cultivation Post-COVID
  • Current "state" of diversity & inclusion and the factors dictating a new approach to doing business.
  • Hire & retain the best talent by navigating all types of differences effectively.
  • Create a Culture of inclusion- People stay (as employees and clients) when they feel like they belong. Avoid the high cost of turnover!
  • Match your impact with your intention:
  • Improve client service & the bottom line. Complex challenges demand innovative solutions. Teams with more diverse perspectives tend to be more entrepreneurial and creative.


SESSION/AUGUST 12: Provide professionals with tips and tools  for effective online presentations, business communications, meeting & stress management tips for life in a virtual world.

SESSION/AUGUST 19: Provide an overview of current diversity and inclusion efforts and the "business argument" for  recognizing and leveraging differences (generational, racial, gender, etc.) for the success of a firm, company, organization and its employees.




None Required.


Diversity, ZOOM, business, culture



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Standard Fee: $30.00


Standard Fee: $50.00

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August 12, 2020 12:00pm


August 19, 2020 10:30am

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Greason, Liz Ms.

A Mainer by birth, Liz is co-founder of Maine Intercultural Communication Consultants. She lived in the Middle East for many years, where she taught students from around the world at the American University in Dubai, with a focus on effective cross-cultural communication. Since returning to the United States, Liz has applied her knowledge of the Middle East and Islam, cultural competency, and intercultural communication to help Maine businesses, non-profits, municipalities, hospitals, and schools effectively recruit and retain a diverse workforce and serve populations diverse in terms of national origin, race, class, and age, among other differences. Liz has also served on the faculty of the University of Southern Maine (USM) and Portland Adult Education. In addition to being trained at the Intercultural Communication Institute in Portland, Oregon (USA) Liz holds degrees from Mount Holyoke College in Women and Gender Studies and Reed College, and a Certificate in Mediation from USM.

Reeves, Jay

Jay Reeves is founder and owner of Your Law Life LLC, which helps lawyers add purpose, profits and peace of mind to their practice. He practiced law in South Carolina and North Carolina for nearly 40 years, both in private practice and in-house (as corporate VP/Risk Manager). His private practice concentrated in representing attorneys in ethics, licensing and disciplinary matters. He has given more than 250 presentations to lawyers and bar groups in the US and Canada, including keynotes and CLE presentations to numerous state and local bar associations. He is the author of the popular Ask the Risk Man column, and he is the Risk Pro for Alta Pro Insurance Services Agency. His fiction and non-fiction stories have won awards from the NC Writer’s Network, The State Magazine, the NC State Bar Journal, and other publications. In January 2020, his piece “Three Words That Might Save Your Law Life,” was featured in the ABA Law Practice Today Magazine. His latest book is “The Most Powerful Attorney in the World.”

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Anyone who wants to  be personally & professionally effective and successful in the virtual, and increasingly diverse business world.


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