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  • Part-time CPA staff position for NEPR

    Firm: NEPR New England Peer Review Program
    Date Posted: February 4, 2020

    The CPA on Staff should have knowledge and be fully committed to the objectives of the AICPA Peer Review Program and its administration. In addition, he or she is expected to engage in a peer-to-peer relationship while overseeing the committee and RAB acceptance process. The CPA should have the authority, sufficient skills and audit experience needed to lead the Program, including identifying and correcting inadequate performance of administrator(s) or technical reviewer(s).
    1. Hold an active CPA license in good standing
    2. Knowledgeable about the program standards, administrative requirements and processes
    3. Relevant audit experience and current knowledge of professional standards applicable to the reviews being administered
    4. Understand the significance of technical issues and the impact on reviews
    5. Obtain CPE in subjects related to accounting, auditing, and quality control. Obtain at least eight hours in any one year and 48 hours every three years.
    6. Meet peer review and RAB training requirements
    7. Proficiency with technology including the Peer Review Integrated Management Application (PRIMA) to effectively manage the program.
    1. Lead the program, including administration and ensure proficient and appropriate use of technology by staff
    2. Manage and evaluate performance of Administrator(s) and Technical Reviewer(s)
    3. Develop plan and ensure effectiveness of mitigation of familiarity threat
    4. Periodically observe report acceptance bodies (RAB) to ensure acceptance procedures are in compliance with standards and guidance
    5. Responsible for day to day operations of the program
    6. Review and accept completed corrective actions and implementation plans equivalent to those delegated to a technical reviewer as described in the RAB Handbook (not required)
    7. Ensure full commitment to the objectives of the Program and its administration by state CPA society or organization
    8. Understand state law peer review requirements regarding oversight, document submission, Facilitated State Board Access (FSBA) requirement, peer review oversight committees and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for all states administered.
    9. Assist NEPR Executive Committee in an ongoing evaluation of committee/RABs
    10. Challenge committee/RABs, when necessary
    11. Monitor the status of reviews and reviewer qualifications and performance to ensure peer review requirements are met.
    12. Present NEPR Executive Committee with results of monitoring and committee/RAB activities
    13. Develop comprehensive backup plan for Program administration
    14. Report and respond to Oversight Task Force (OTF) and PRB as required
    15. Attend annual peer review conference (highly encouraged)

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